Church History

Looking at several church buildings, a dream came true in 1954.  In February, our Pastor and Officers purchased the property at 7257-59 South Wabash and 60 East 73rd Street, our present sanctuary and rental property. 

First Progressive moved successfully and progressively through the early years.  The Lord was adding to the Church such as should be saved.  More auxiliaries and departments were added (e.g., Men’s Workshop, Junior Choir, Children’s Bible Hour, Purity Class and Cub and Boy Scouts) to meet the demands of this growing congregation. 

By 1959, the membership had outgrown its present facility and another building program began.  A fifty-thousand dollar addition was added to the Church and was a successful endeavor.  God blessed us to burn the mortgage in 1967.

In October 1973, Rev. Bennett Wolfe was called to Pastor the Church.  During his tenure, the Bus Ministry was instituted.  In April 1977, Rev. Wolfe left First Progressive and we were again without a Pastor.

The late Deacon Isaac May and the late Deacon Reynold Dillon took the responsibilities of leadership until the Church elected Deacon W.I. Irving as the Church Chairman.  The late Rev. John F. Sanders was acting host Minister.  God continued to bless us with souls being added to the fold.

In April 1978, Rev. Fred L. Dade became our Pastor.  Under his leadership of preaching and teaching the Word of Life, God still blessed us with souls being added.  During Pastor Dade’s ministry: Rev. John F. Sanders and Rev. Eddie Dade were ordained as  Ministers; Ralph Smith, Columbus Bowens, Burnett E. Smith, and the late Hurdylyn Woods were ordained as Deacons and; The J.M. Haywood Youth Workers, the Angelic Choir, and the Inspirational Choir were organized.  In 1982, a van was purchased to transport our senior citizens and young people. Pastor Dade was called home to be with the Lord in July, 2002. 

In April 2003, after much fervent prayer for a Spiritual Leader, God blessed First Progressive Church of Christ with our present Pastor, Rev. Derrius M. Colvin Sr.  Under his leadership, our Church is experiencing great progress spiritually, numerically, and financially.  Pastor Colvin’s desire is that we go beyond these four walls to win lost souls for Christ, to further increase the Kingdom of God. One of his first areas of development was Evangelism; thus, the Evangelism Ministry was formed.  Several other ministries (e.g.,Youth, Marriage, Nurses, and Junior Deacon) were initiated under his direction.  Fred Manuel, Charles Hawkins, Jeremy Jones and Percy Clark were ordained as Deacons and Jenai Davis became a Minister.

 On September 21, 2013, after over a year of prayer and research it was voted that the church name would be changed from First Progressive Church of Christ to First Progressive Church to reflect our true mission and purpose.

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